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Weddings, Proposals,
Elopements, & such.

If you are looking for the hands down most breathtaking experience possible for your special day, please fly with us. We have so much experience in Seward that we know all the absoluly best places to land for you ceremony and photo shoot. Walls of Ice, icebergs, alpine lakes, remote rivers, vies from 2000feet above The Bay….we can get


You Dream It
We Do It

Book your wedding or special occasion with Marathon Helicopters today!

Phone: 907-224-3616


Marathon Helicopters specializes in weddings & elopements, engagement photo shoots, picnics, as well as a variety of other special events. 


Why choose Marathon Helicopters for your event?

I have been flying in Seward for over 10 years and you can be assured that you will receive the best possible photo locations for your special day. I have worked with dozens of professional photographers and understand their needs and locations they love. I have landed almost everywhere within 25 miles of Seward so you can be guaranteed you will receive top level service and the best landing spots possible.


You will be able to choose from a variety of landscape options that include:

  • Standing near or on a glacier thousands of feet above a majestic valley below.

  • A rocky remote river valley with multiple glaciers and mountains towering in the background.

  • An alpine glacier pond with the most amazing reflections of the mountains and glaciers filling your background.

  • A black sand beach surrounded by blue icebergs rising up to 100 feet out of the water with a flowing glacier and towering mountains spanning your view.

  • Mountain tops overlooking Resurrection Bay below, the Harding Icefield behind, and eagles soaring above.

  • Standing next to ice arches or ice caves with wildflowers growing all around.

  • Atop Mt. Marathon at 3,000 feet with Seward in the background below.

  • Any of your other options we can discuss.

Our photo flights typically include 3 people; the couple and their photographer. You will wear your fancy outfits, bring some accessories (flowers/hats), maybe a change of outfits, and some beverages. We will fly up to 4 locations depending on the package you choose. Your time will range from 1-3 hours depending on the selected package.


I have found from experience you need about 30-45 minutes at each landing.

This is your special day, so we will have discussions before the flight to ensure we can provide everything that you are hoping for. We pride ourselves on these special events we offer and we look forward to being a part of your Seward experience.

Items you can add to your event:

  • Your pilot can marry you - $250

  • Picnic - Charcuterie Boards - fruits, nuts, cheeses, crackers, finger sandwiches, cake, etc. Price based on number of people and menu. 

Please call or email us to make a reservation.

Flight Options

1 Location Shoot

We will fly to one location with up to 30 minutes of flight time. We will spend up to 60 minutes at this spot.



2 Location Shoot

We will fly to 2 locations with up to 45 minutes of flight time. We will spend 30 to 45 minutes at each spot.



3-4 Location Shoot

We will fly to 3-4 locations with up to 1 hour of flight time. We will spend 30-45 minutes at each spot.


Pricing based on one helicopter operation. For groups larger than 3 please contact us for pricing.

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