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Mt. Marathon Adventure

Phone: 907-224-3616

Enjoy hiking Seward's most famous mountain!

Marathon Helicopters will do the hard part, getting you to the top. You get to enjoy the fun part, hiking back down and taking in the beauty of the mountain and surrounding area. Plus, you get an awesome helicopter ride on the way up!


We will drop you off by helicopter at one of two landing zones near the Mt. Marathon trail.

MARATHON BOWL: (recommended by Marathon Helicopters) We will fly you up to the beautiful paradise that is the Bowl of Mount Marathon. From1,800ft above sea level, the Marathon Bowl is the perfect place to take in breathtaking views, have a picnic, witness the diverse flora and fauna of the mountain, and then enjoy the approximately 1.5mi hike down at your leisure.

EXTREME ADVENTURE: Only for the extreme (and extremely prepared) adventurers - we can fly you up to the top of the race trail on Mt. Marathon (3,022ft). After your drop off, you get to explore the area at your leisure before hiking back down. Spend some time viewing Seward, Resurrection Bay, and some of our local glaciers from the best vantage point anywhere!


There are two trails to choose from on the descent:

  1. The Hikers Trail / Jeep Trail (MODERATE - The most popular option and what we recommend)

  2. The Race Trail (CHALLENGING - for the extreme athlete)

You are responsible for your journey back to Seward after the helicopter drop off.

We recommend leaving your vehicle parked at the base of the Hikers Trail (see map link) and getting dropped off at our office at the Seward Airport. We can provide a courtesy shuttle pickup in town prior to your flight.

Be Prepared:

  1. Bring water and supplies for a hike.

  2. Wear gear designed for hiking. You may want trekking poles (available to rent for $5/pair).

  3. Bring and know how to safely use Bear Spray (also available to rent for $5).

  4. Be physically able for a moderately difficult 2 mile mountain hike.

  5. View and adhere to the warnings that are posted at the trail head (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

  6. Allow for approximately 2 hours to hike down.

  7. Recommended age for hike is 12+.


Pricing: $225 Per Flight up the Mountain:

  • Up to 3 passengers per flight.

  • This is a great reasonably priced large group activity.

  • Ex. A group of 4 - 6 will require 2 flights. ($450).

  • A group of 7 -9 will require 3 flights. ($675), etc.


Other Ideas on Trip:

  • Bring a lunch, have a picnic.

  • Bring camping gear for an overnight.

  • Would you like a guide? For an additional $80 we can have a local expert guide you and teach you about the area. What about a session of yoga in the bowl? Our guide can put that together for you as well. Call or email us for more details. 

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Mountain Information, Trail Map, and Warnings

Photos of Sign at Trailhead

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